What are the highest paying remote jobs?

Andrew Pyle

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Hey everyone, this is Andrew from HelloRemote and today we’re asking the question “What are the highest paying remote jobs?”

This video is for you if you’re interested in learning more about your earning potential by pursuing a remote job that suits your skills and experience.

If this sounds like you then stick around, because in this video I’ll help you understand what you need to know and where to look for these remote job vacancies. But just so you know, this video is about helping people make sensible career changes, there’s nothing here for the “get rich quick” folks, and I’m certainly not going to be talking about “11 weird tricks that landed me a high paying remote job”. 

I run HelloRemote and I help people navigate the remote jobs market, by delivering online tools and training to help them land a remote job that's right for them.

So without further adieu, let's talk about the highest paying remote jobs.

First of all, at a 10,000 foot altitude my initial answer is; If you can build it, sell it or make sure it’s legal, you’re going to be one of the highest paid in the company.

Remote jobs are most common in the technology and information sectors, so when we talk about being able to “build it” we’re talking about software engineers. These are the folks that write the code that makes the thing work. Generally speaking, remote companies tend not to hire junior developers as they would be working alone a lot of the time, so right now, at the time of filming this video, mid level to senior level software engineers or developers are the most common high paying remote jobs advertised. 

Obviously, as with any industry, the more senior the role, the higher the pay. Management roles within a software development team would command an even higher salary, but positions that would take years, if not decades of experience to obtain.

Another high paying remote job is for those people that can sell the product or service. Sales people, business development advisers, VP of Sales etc These are the people that talk to customers, identify their problems, prescribe solutions using the product or service and get contracts signed. 

These sorts of positions usually come up for B2B services, where the sales person is most likely on a base salary, and then will earn commission per sale. When you’re dealing with big enterprise technology companies, it’s not uncommon to sell a product or service for at least a few hundred thousand dollars, where the sales person gets a percentage of that sale as a commission. 

Now this is one of the areas that somebody without formal qualifications can enter, but you will most definitely need to demonstrate experience of high touch sales within a B2B environment to get an interview for a remote sales position.

The third role that I mentioned was the legal staff. This should be of no surprise because lawyers have to train for a long time before they can practice law in the commercial world, so they are obviously rewarded for their specialist skills and knowledge. But the chances of a qualified and experienced legal professional looking at videos on YouTube about how to land a remote job is pretty minimal, so I’ll leave that there for now.

There are so many different high paying remote roles that we could talk about, but in the end, it doesn’t matter if you haven’t got the necessary skills and qualifications. You’re probably more interested in the highest paying remote job that you can get, and that's completely subjective to you, the role you’re applying for and your experience. 

Generally speaking, most remote jobs advertised fall within the following categories: Software development, sales, legal, finance, customer support, product, marketing, management, copywriting, design, system administration, and anything else gets classed as “other”.

This is why when you log into your free account at HelloRemote you can see live remote job vacancies by category, that are relevant to you, and in many cases the pay and benefits are listed as part of the job ad. And don’t forget, remote jobs have to be competitive to attract the best talent, so it’s really quite likely that the role you apply for will offer a salary which is more than you could earn working for a company that is within your immediate geographical location.

And don’t forget, when you land a remote job you don’t have to commute into work anymore, so if a remote vacancy comes up that’s paying the same as you’re earning now, is actually better for you, because you’ve eliminated your travel costs each month, so the pay is only one benefit out of many that you should consider.

So hopefully you now have a better understanding of the highest paying remote jobs, so you might want to take a look at some of my other videos to learn more. If you’ve found this video helpful, you can let YouTube know by clicking like & subscribe. Or just head over to HelloRemote to see our free tools and training to help you land a remote job, fast.

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